some photographic bliss…

It finally happened. After an entire semester with nary a shot fired off on the Leica, I made two exposures on my way to see family for Thanksgiving. I was driving along Friday evening following Thanksgiving Day and saw a couple of nighttime scenes that just stuck in my mind. I have learned to stop and turn around and make the photograph rather than have them haunt my memory. That’s to downside of having a photographic memory. You see things that really get stuck in your head. One of my favorite things ever is going through small towns and little one-lighters and seeing the Christmas decorations made out of tinsel and lights hanging from the telephone poles. It gives me a very nostalgic feeling; the feeling that in some places things aren’t so commercialized and modern to have been turned into cardboard models and LED lights. Anyway, there’s a pretty cool street in a small town north of here that had the decorations up downtown and I couldn’t resist. There are a couple of really cool neon signs down there too, one for a Rexall Drugstore and the other for the City Cafe. I have a couple of versions of this place that I’ll share here. Farther north I saw a photo that I wanted to make that reminded me a little bit of Edward Hopper’s painting Nighthawks. It’s of a restaurant and chocolatier in Hearne. It felt nice to get some images made after so long. It was a very nice opportunity to get some creativity going. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in making them. Cheers.