“Even to see her walk across the room is a liberal education.”        – C.S. Lewis

There is a beauty to be shared in every woman’s heart. It’s an instinct for us girls to want to be beautiful and share our beauty. Women are created in God’s image to especially demonstrate the beauty of the Lord and the qualities of beauty that He gives us.


Why does beauty matter?

Beauty invites us in.

Beauty nourishes us.

Beauty comforts like a mother.

Beauty inspires us.

Beauty is transcendent.


All of these things are true for any experience of beauty. They are especially true when we experience the beauty of a woman – her eyes, her form, her voice, her heart, her spirit, her life. (Excerpt taken from Captivating, by Stasi Eldredge).

I have been reading and going through the study guide for Captivating and have been so interested in this concept of godly beauty that we entirely miss so much of the time. As women, I feel like we often carry a burden of feeling that it’s not OK to be beautiful or look pretty. It seems that a lot of times beauty is associated with only the secular world and how disgustingly false an idea of beauty is actually presented there. Often people miss the real reason for the existence of beauty and see it as just something one girl may have more of than another girl. The world looks at the outside of a girl and judges her on appearance. Her true beauty should be judged by her character and her heart. There is such a huge contrast on these two different types of girls. First, there are girls concerned only with the world’s perception of who they are. They may realize their beauty, but try to use it to fill the need to be accepted, loved and to hide their insecurities. Sometimes it seems like in their quest to be different from everyone else, they end up looking exactly the same. Then, there are also girls who are exactly the opposite. They know they are beautiful, but not because of what’s on the outside. They are comfortable in who God made them and exude a confidence that is rare and valuable. They realize that the only thing that will continue on with them in life is not their good looks, but their beautiful hearts and they become more beautiful as they give their needs and insecurities to Jesus. They are hard to find, but it’s truly wonderful when you do. I am so blessed to have girlfriends who possess such true beauty.

For all you girls who may be reading this, I hope that you are encouraged to keep looking at what’s important. The amount you invest in your wardrobe or beauty routine will not satisfy your longing to be feel beautiful. The only way you will be happy is to realize that God made you in His image, and you have a special part to play in revealing the loveliness of God to those around you. Do you realize that woman was created as the piece-de-resistance of creation? The best for last? Remember that God wants to use you in a remarkable way and He has made you just the way you are for a reason.

I have been praying for the Lord to help me be comfortable in exactly who I am in Him at every second. Life is always changing from one moment to the next and I find that I am also growing and changing with it. More and more He gives me little measures of grace to understand more of who He is God is so faithful if we just trust Him and rely on Him.


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