new projects

Ok, here’s the deal. I really want to do some long-term projects. And finish them.

I think my problem is that I want to start too many of them, and then I get overwhelmed. Anyone would I suppose. I think I also need to lower my expectations for some of my projects. Some of the things I am already doing include:

  • Growing Paperwhite and Hyacinth bulbs (not lightbulbs, heh) in my apartment.
  • Playing my guitar every day.
  • Blogging at least once a week.
  • Taking at least one picture a day.
  • Reading my Bible every day.

I have already discovered that I am not going to die from lack of internet at my new place.I don’t miss TV. I have already been reading a lot more and it’s really nice. I am having to come up with my own entertainment instead of just getting sucked into staring at my computer. I don’t always accomplish very much just sitting there anyway. I have a goal of reading 100 books this year. I am hopeful. I have a TON of time on my hands, so it should be relatively easy. I forgot how much I loved reading and didn’t know how much I missed it until I began reading again. Right now I am reading The $64 Tomato, Ansel Adam’s Autobiography, Botanical Latin, and some gardening books. Yes, I am turning into a plant nerd. I think that may a whole other post in itself. Heh. It’s funny to think about how I thought I wanted to be a photographer, and now here I am poring over copious amounts of information about plants. I still love to photograph, but maybe it means that I will be making portraits of plants instead of people later on down the road. I digress, it’s time for me to quit rambling and get out of this coffee shop’s hair.


Snow pictures from the drive back from Kentucky…



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