Moving In

I am mostly moved in now. It has taken me a few days to find places for everything. It’s quite strange not having a kitchen or a bathroom under the same roof that I live under. I never realized how much I took either of them for granted until I couldn’t just walk into one of them without going outside first. My tiny apartment is set up with an office space, a living room, my bedroom, and a “kitchen”. All of these things are in the same room, but I try to think of them as separate areas. It seems convincing enough for now. I hung some black and white photographs I made a while back. One of them is of a hotel in downtown Phoenix and the other is one of my medium format contact sheets. I also have some glass objects on the chest beside my chair. The whole place is pretty colorful. I didn’t want to make everything just one color so I have yellow, pink, red, green, and blue in various shades and forms all around the room. I turned the fabric part of my hammock chair inside out so that the dark green side is facing up. Anyway, pics of my new house are on Facebook.

I was just realizing how much of an introvert I must be. Or maybe I have just adapted to being by myself. But I realized how content I can make myself all by myself reading, or studying something. I really need to make sure to get out on the weekends and not stay cooped up at home. I just need some people to hang out with. I told Meme I wanted to learn to knit socks with her, so that is one option. I can always listen to Papa tell stories. Those are both two options as close as home. I don’t want to get stuck in a rut, and sometimes I am afraid that I might. Anyway, enough of me rambling. I am going to be fine and do fine, and I am going to have a great experience while living here. I am already so excited for what the Lord has in the time for me. More later…


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