marathon year

How can a year go by so quickly? I am not sure I have ever experienced time disappear so fast. My life has changed so dramatically over the past year, and I often marvel at how difficult, yet freeing it has been. This year is a testament to the goodness of the Lord, the redeeming power of Jesus, and the tenacity of the Holy Spirit. A year ago, I could not have told you that I was going to be single, making a huge career change, and moving out of state. The fact that I am now, almost seems surreal. It’s a bittersweet time, one of hopefulness as well as uncertainty. One thing I am certain of though, is that the Lord will carry me on this new journey the same as He has on the last.

How wonderful it has been to discover my passion and things that make me feel alive. I have had this time to let go of boundaries that have kept me from being who I want to be. I’ve let a little impulsiveness in. I don’t always just agree with what someone suggests, I weigh their advice and my own thoughts and make my own decisions. I’ve stopped worrying as much about the future because I can’t predict it anyway, I can only trust. Even simple things like deciding that I don’t need to be girlie all the time is OK, and not wearing makeup is the way I like me to look. Dancing and running have given me outlets to be creative and move and make friends.

I had a choice to make: be timid or to have faith. I choose to have faith. By trusting that God is going to do more than I can even ask for, I am giving all the stress of needing to control my life to Him. The Spirit is so gentle and is so personal. He just wants to be my closest friend, and my best protector, and to lead me. It’s like if I had a husband for my spirit. Well, I guess He actually is! I rest in the fact that He is faithful to lead me in the journey He has for my life. It’s in these thoughts I find solace from the depressing shadows of fear, doubt, second-guessing, and anxiety.

This year is a new chapter of my journey and one that I am so excited to experience and share. It’s funny how the biggest changes He’s been making in my life have been right around Christmas and New Years for the past few years now. It’s no surprise that He has a wonderful sense of humor and  such an uncanny knack for timing!



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