the long and short of it

The year has flown by, yet this time last year seems so far away. Here’s the short: I am no longer pursuing photography as a career. I am not in a relationship. I am not worried about the direction my life is going. I have had to learn to let these things go and to let God take over. Jesus has been holding my hand every step of the way, and without Him, I am totally and utterly lost.

Here’s the long: This year I have discovered (and rediscovered) a couple of big things. First, I discovered that I don’t want to live behind a desk and second, that I am often intimidated taking pictures of people. This led me to another discovery: I don’t want to be a photographer as my “job”. The biggest item on the list of discovery is the unearthing of my deep-rooted passion for plants and growing things. It’s something that has been with me since childhood. I figured out that I want to be a horticulturist. My dream (long -term, of course) is to someday own my own small farm and produce specialty veggies and fruits and flowers. I really love being outside and making something from nothing.

This year has not been easy. But it has been SO productive. I have grown in so many ways, and feel like I made a jump from kid-dom to adult-ness. I feel more grown up and I think differently than I did before. Even my emotional reactions have changed. The Lord has done miraculous things with me in this area, and has really been faithful to increase my self-control and patience. There is still so much He is doing in me, but I am excited to see what trials and triumphs He uses to complete that end!

My current goals are to complete more transfer hours of college course work and then apply as a transfer student to Texas A&M College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. I am very interested in their horticulture program and am hoping that they will be interested in me! I would really appreciate prayers regarding this. I also am going to begin to establish residency in Texas, which requires that I have a job. Prayers would also be more that appreciated that I would find a job, especially one that will help to boost my application to A&M. As far as other goals, I have been working on creating a new blog to try to pick up some odd jobs here and there. It’s called Domestic Genius and attempts to create the female equivalent of a handyman. There is still a lot of work to do on this project.

That’s about all for what the Lord is doing with me right now. I hope all of you are in good spirits and good health. If you need to contact me at my new address, my info is mostly the same. Only my address has changed. If you need it, shoot me an email at seedlinggirl88@yahoo.com. I’d love to get real letters from any of you that get a hankering to write some good old-fashioned mail! I promise I’ll write back if you do.


All my love; peace and blessings,



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