Domestic Genius

I do ___________.

I will be launching a new blog soon to see what kind of work I can pick up. So pretty much my idea involves finding jobs that are waiting to be had in households everywhere. People are busy, especially in the city, so what better job than to do some of the “domestic” things that need to be done? It’s time for some domestic genius.

“I do _________________.”

This is the tagline for what I “do”. I bake cakes, I wash windows, I do laundry, I faux paint, I organize, I hostess parties, I photograph, I make art, I change lightbulbs, I go to the grocery store, I run errands, I do graphic design, I stage rooms in houses, etc., etc., etc. I think you understand my point by now. My goal is to creatively tackle everyday tasks for other people. Instead of a woman trying to host her huge holiday party all by herself, I can come in and act as a “ghost hostess” and give her a chance to enjoy her guests. I can complete those pesky chores on the to-do list that seem to sit around the house waiting for someone to have the time to attend to them. Things like washing windows, organizing a closet, or hanging art. I love designing business cards and invitations as well.  In short, I do almost anything. So next time you need a birthday cake in a hurry (but hate the ones at the store) or have some other domestic task that you just don’t have time for, call me and we can procure some domestic genius just for you!


rocket harvest

I harvested the first of the Rocket Salad that I have been growing. It was so beautiful. I tried some of it and it is very pungent. I am not as much of a fan of it as I was expecting, but am going to pick some of the smaller leaves and see if they have any variation in boldness of taste. There were a few leaves of the Mesclun that I picked as well. It made for a very green, attractive bunch of leaves that I was so proud of. The head lettuces are also doing well. They take a lot longer to mature, but I am sure that we will soon have some sweet Limestone lettuce to enjoy. I took some pictures of my veg since I was just so excited about seeing it grow and picking it!