bean love

Today I had to go out and find a few special things at the Whole Foods market. I needed some coconut flour and some hazelnuts, as well as some creme fraiche (which took me forever to find). I also decided that I wanted some gladiolas from Trader Joe’s if they had them. I stopped by Wal-Mart first, and got one of the other sundry items I needed and tried to find the soap I was looking for. They didn’t have it. So I zipped over to TJ’s and picked out a bunch of gladiolas for only $5.99! They were supposed to be two colors, but the bunch I picked had at least five. Score! Then I went to the Whole Foods and found all of the things I was looking for except the soap. I have been needing some more hand soap, and I liked the one I had from Mrs. Meyers Clean Day. It was the verbena scent. Yum yum. So since WF didn’t have the soap either, I just decided a bar of soap in an interesting scent would be a nice treat since I am trying not to buy chachki crap anymore. Or bad-for-you-food. So I found a bar of soap scented like Western Juniper. Oh man. I love the smell of Juniper and even used some in the campfire last week. Then I came home with my finds and ate lunch and talked to my girlfriend Sophie. She’s such a sweetheart. I can’t wait to be back in Texas so she and I can hang out more together.

I was glad to have had a successful day shopping since lately I haven’t felt super productive. But, progress is being made and I am finally seeing more of the fruits of working hard to complete the task at hand. I guess maybe I should mention that the task is going through everything that I own and getting rid of anything I don’t want or need anymore. It has been quite the daunting task, I must say. Goodnight for now, more to come later.


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