Today I transplanted six agaves and a couple of succulents, and planted a couple of ornamental asparagus ferns by the pool. The planter with the agave in it was just so crowded, so I figured it was time to give all of the occupants a little more room. I had no idea how root bound and interconnected those three plants would be! I guess if you count the agave pups, there were about 9 plants in one container. It was a tight squeeze. I did my best to carefully separate the individuals without harming them, but cracked the plastic pot in the process. I moved some of the agaves to the garden by the pool. I love how their blue color stands out against the reddish/purple wall. I am not quite sure how to describe the color of the wall. Maybe reddish-taupe. I also planted one of the succulents there. I love the leaves on it. They’re a roundish shape and the stem part of the plant is a dark red-brown, so it also looks nice against the color of the wall. I must say though, I sure got my workout for the day wrassling all those plants out of that pot! Well, time to move on to my next project for the day, but check back soon for more plant shenanigans.


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