a love letter

I have been longing for the Lord to show me His love in more intimate ways. I see Him as a father who takes care of me and fixes things. He is so faithful to do that, just as my earthly Dad is a lot the same way. I have had a hard time letting the Lord love me for who I am and accepting that He is jealous for me and that’s OK. I think I have always acquainted jealousy in a relationship as a bad thing and so I put God in the same boat. He has been breaking down a bunch of walls in my heart and wants me to know that He wants to love me intimately. I am giving in to His moving in my heart.

The past couple of days I feel as though He is asking me to let Him like me, and that He is getting around to making the first moves on my affections just like a shy lover would advance on the heart of the one they desired. He has been revealing His feelings for me in my time spent reading the Song of Solomon. The other night I was out photographing the stars and as I sat there I thought about the neat things I have heard the Lord doing for other people. I asked Him if He could just do something special for me. I asked him for a love letter. It had been like wishing that the one you have a crush on would do something special for you so that you would know that they really did like you. Then I forgot about it for the rest of the night.

The next day I got up and started my laundry and had my quiet time and worked on some stuff for Mom. I skipped lunch since I was really set on getting her project done and out of the way. When I finished, I went back to the Treehouse where we staff girls are staying to eat some cereal. I remembered my laundry so I ran over to check it and when I walked in I saw the coolest thing.

On the dryer there was a note. It was a piece of paper surrounded by purple and white petunias, and a pink rose, and there were some Shasta daisies in the door. The note said that the flowers had been put there to brighten my day and to remind me that the Lord has created all of the beautiful flowers just for me! Each one of the them is made for me to enjoy and to remind me of how much He loves me. The note also said to seek His face, and to relax. I had asked for a love letter and here it was! No one had known of my request to God but me. I stood in front of the dryer and cried for at least five minutes. It was so sweet and so special. I was so blown away by the Lord’s love for me. What an incredible first love letter from Him!


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