MINI across the USA

OK, I think that I know every MINI dealership from Arizona to Texas now. I bought my MINI in Scottsdale, stopped for service in El Paso, Texas, and now I am at MINI of Austin for an oil change. I’ve worked with Devin in AZ, and Ashley and Mike in Texas. Gus and I are making lots of friends.

I went to a graduation the other day with some friends. We were really excited about it since there was a dance afterward. We did dances like the Virginia Reel and the Reverse Nelson to hit songs off the charts right now, instead of folk music. It was SO, MUCH, FUN! I did some two-stepping with a couple of flips thrown in while dancing with Chapman and Bennett. I also successfully ripped off about one quarter of the big toenail on my right foot. I didn’t realize it until the end of the dance when I looked down and saw all the blood. Gross. For whatever reason, it didn’t hurt that badly. We all danced for quite a while and then the guys helped with the cleanup and moving the chairs back to where they usually are in the auditorium.

After everything was done, a whole bunch of us piled into our cars and headed off to Sonic for food and then to the theater. We went to the Sonic in Hewitt which is the one I used to go to as a kid when I lived there. My Mom would take my sister and I to get slushies after preschool in the summertime. Within five minutes of being there, Gus was surrounded by the people who had met up from the graduation. He became the favorite car to lean on and talk around. It was fun being popular! I mean, popularity is not all it’s cracked up to be, but it was fun having the “fun car” that people wanted to see. I guess people might think that I’m silly to name my car, but if you had as much fun driving a MINI as I do, you’d understand that they just need a name.

We went and saw Nightmare On Elm Street which was supposed to be a horror movie. It wasn’t that scary as much as it was kind of dumb. The first person to let out a yelp of fear was a guy sitting near the front. It wasn’t intended to be a scary scene, but I guess he was anticipating something and he yelled. The entire theater burst into laughter! I thought it was kind of a funny movie. I mean, parts of it were funny. It was gross, but it wasn’t very scary. I’m not sure I’d recommend it to someone looking for a horror movie. But it was fun to go with everyone and see the one girl who hid behind her hands for most of the time. A guy sitting next to me and I were totally calling the scenes before they happened and we SO had the plot figured out. It was a great experience.

Now, I am writing this from the Austin MINI dealership. I am picking up Mom and Dad today at the airport. I am so excited because I’ll not only be seeing Mom and Dad, but I’ll get my computer back from being repaired, and I’ll get my new phone! Yahoo!!! It’s going to be nice to be connected to family again and also to the rest of the technological world.


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