new project for a new time

I took this photo the day I got home. We went and at Tonto Bar and Grill. Tasty.

I am beginning a new endeavor starting on April 1st, 2010. Project365 has been taken on my thousands of “flickrites” and involves taking a posting a photograph a day specifically for the project. I am beginning my journey into Project365 as a way to hopefully expand my photographic vision, let loose and break some photographic rules, and learn to be a better photographer through experience. I am very excited about it. I know there will be time when I will want to quit or not want to post anything, but I also know that perseverance is key. It will worth my time and the effort I put into it. You can keep up with it through my flickr.com photostream @ flickr.com

I am also going to be posting photos from Australia here daily so check back often. You should see photos from AUS as soon as April 10-11. There is a bit of a time difference so I am not too sure of the date.

I know I rebelled when I took my face off of Facebook, but now ladies and gentlemen, you may find me on Twitter. I am doing some personal research on stats to my flickr page and decided to use Twitter to help me notify potential viewers of what is going on. Not to mention I do miss being in the social loop a bit. I guess you could say I am still my same old unconventional self. Which I like. 

Ciao for now. If you need any inspiration photography-wise, check out photojojo.com. Great stuff. They also have some wonderful tips on Project365 as well.

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