Time for air

I have no idea when Heath and I are going to do engagement photos. Maybe Christmas. We need some nice photos that I can use in stuff. Of us. Together. I want some nice pictures of us maybe in some leaves or something. I want some photos to put up here of us so that ya’ll have something to look at other than photos of my decor. By the way, the date is set for sure for February 20, 2010. We are so excited!!! Needless to say, I have been sleeping a little better these past few days. The invitations have been ordered, the photographer has been booked, and the cake supplies have been bought. My dress should be back from the cleaners this week (I am going to call today) and I should be getting in more of the decor elements this week as well. I also ordered my veil, YAY! I won’t tell you about it here since Heath reads my blog too and I know he wants it to be a surprise. Maybe I should post the “secret stuff” on my other blog ‘The “Other” Party Girl’. Hmmm. It’s a thought. I also made the RSVP cards to go inside the invitations. By the way we will have a wedding website, but before I give ya’ll the URL I wanted to try to finish our registries and add those nice pictures I was telling you about. We found a place to live and Heath just has to go in and sign the papers and pay the move-in fee and we will be able to move in February 1st. Not together obviously! I am going to work on packing this week as well. There is so much to do for a wedding. I had no idea. I am so excited about it though and am having fun with it. Heath and I just look at it as a big adventure. After all, our life together is going to be an adventure too!!! Look for those engagement photos soon!


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