Wedding Loveliness

Alright, I am going to spill some beans. The wedding is a winter one, so I have decided to go with a fittingly wintry theme. I am loving light, icy blue and ivory as well as some silver and gold. I am going to post some inspiration photos so that you can get an idea of the elements that are going to be used in the decorations.

Heath and I love the outdoors and nature so I loved these snow and icy looking birch branches. Mmmm, yummy! These are going to be a big part of the decor since they are nice and tall (3-4 feet) and I can do lots with them. YAY!

I am also digging these vases, which I did happen to purchase. I love thinking of how I will be able to use the things from the wedding and reception in our home. You are starting to get a sense of the color palette now, right? I don’t want to much of a blue since I don’t want things to look corny. I want sophistication.
Well, that’s all the hint you get for now. I am going crazy with wanting a nice set of white dishes. I can’t wait to start cooking for my Honey Bee!

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