Dress Hunting Warrior Princess

Ever since getting back from camp, I have been on the hunt for a dress fit for a maid of honor to wear to her sister’s wedding. (Yes, my dream has come true. I am finally getting to be something other than a flower girl at a wedding.) Now, you may think that it wouldn’t be that hard to find a nice formal dress that fits right and looks nice. Not so fast. This is no ordinary wedding! My sister Amy and her beloved fiancee Jeremiah set their precious hearts on a Celtic wedding. I was so excited! We found a really cool pattern for Amy’s dress and mom had a seamstress make the dress from a fine linen and some really beautiful lace. I can’t wait to have pictures to put up. After Amy left, I remembered that I too needed something to wear and set about looking at resale shops, on eBay, and at the mall for something that would work. I found a couple of candidates, but they were too drab and too short for the occasion. After some more digging on the internet, I ran across Pearson’s Renaissance Shoppe. And let me tell you, as soon as I saw the Forest Princess dress, I knew that I had found my outfit! So I bagged that beast and soon it’ll be hanging up in my closet. Thank goodness there isn’t a taxidermy fee for dresses…. :^)

-No, the photo is not of me, but I was too excited to wait to put my own pictures up!-

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