Mmmmm. Yummy.

I officially know of the BEST deli in Scottsdale! It’s called Chloe’s Corner in Scottsdale Kierland. They have all kinds of stuff form sandwiches to salads and other deli delights. My friend Heath had gone in there to grab something before he came up to my house the other day. He talked to the owners and asked them what they would recommend. They told him to get the smoked turkey and the roast beef. No joke, these were the most awesome sandies I have ever eaten. We split them and each ate half. The turkey sandwich had cranberry sauce and just the right amount of turkey and bread (which also had cranberries in it) and whatever else they put on it. It was devine! Then we dove into the roast beef sandwich. By this time we had gotten into the little paper bags of pickles that they had thrown in. Once again, AMAZING. I’m not usually so keen on roast beef sandwiches, but this one had pickles, tomatoes, provologne cheese, some kind of dressing (but not too much) and lettuce and oh man, was it good. It was on the best bread ever. I am not sure what kind of bread it was, but I am seriously thinking about going in there and asking them. It looked kind of like a square ciabatta bread, but it tasted waaaaay better and was soft and just moist. It was foodie heaven. Now the best part about this joint is that they sell real cokes from Mexico. Yes, we are talking about the ones with sugar and not high-fructose corn syrup. If you haven’t been into Chloe’s Corner, you should go. It’s a little higher on the price side for some since the sandwiches are around 6-7 dollars, but if you appreciate really good food, then it’s worth it. So go check out Chloe’s!


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