Tea Party Planning

I finally decided on the food for my Royal Summer Tea on May 2. I am going to make three different tea sandwiches: cucumber, egg salad, and a sophisticated ham and gouda with apple. I think I am going to make a savory Tourte Milanese. Then some buttermilk scones and Hungarian shortbread. I have three teas as well to go with the yummy things to eat; Twinings of London – Ceylon Orange Pekoe (a cheaper tea that has a medium body and is a nice black tea), and two from Harrisons and Crosfield: exotic China White Orange and Mango and fragrant Japanese Cherry Sencha. Both are whole leaf teas, but the latter is a green tea. They are more expensive than the Pekoe, and are very light teas. I love them because they are so smooth and airy. Today, since I got off work early, I went to Sur La Table and bought a digital thermometer (I have been wanting one), a citrus zester/garnisher/scorer, some biscuit cutters and some mini cupcake liners, and a cookbook called Baking with Julia. The cookbook is based on the PBS series hosted by Julia Child. I sure wish I could have met her before she died. Anyway, I am going to go edit more of the Chuhuly photos now so I can post them later….


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