Downtown Leica Shoot

So I really got to get a good taste of what my M8 can do this weekend. I took a couple at dinner on Friday, and then on Sunday Heath drove me downtown and we did one of our old-fashioned downtown shoots. We used to go down there and I’d shoot large format on Saturday mornings before I had to be at work. I guess you could say he is my body-guard (haha) since I don’t like going alone, but I like having the company too. We parked close to the Herberger Theater like always and started to meander down Monroe to my favorite building in the Copper Square area, 15 East Monroe. They are in the process of gutting the building and making it into a “boutique” hotel, whatever that means. I also revisited an alleyway with some stenciled signs and neat textures. Then we walked further south toward “the pit” as we called it, which was a huge construction site just to the east of the old courthouse. There were some other neat buildings like the Luhrs Tower and one just down the block with a ton of sweet details and carved cornices. (Right now I am listening to a song called “Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition” on the 40’s channel on XM). Anyway, all of the images are in order that I took them. I just LOVE how much light the Leica glass soaks in and all of the crispy details that you get. These photos have not been edited a whole lot besides some minor corrections and then the black and white action that I applied to them. I love having detail and tonal range without having to edit for hours. All I can say is YUM, YUM!


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