Save Polaroid

Somebody save Polaroid! The company who makes Polaroid film has quit production of the instant film and if another company fails to pick up the line, Polaroid will disappear. I do not use it that much, but I have found Polaroid to be useful in framing a shot and is nice to have as a reference while waiting to develop your negatives. Some use it for alternative processes and there are others who just like it for regular old snapshots. It’s sad that it could disappear, and I would honestly be surprised if a company did not choose to buy Polaroid and continue production. I guess we’ll see what the outcome is eventually. I spent my morning painting a stencil from http://www.savepolaroid.com onto the back of my car. If you go to the site, there is an “action pack” that you can download in PDF form that has some neat posters and the stencil in there as well as some open letters already addressed to some film companies. It was a nice way to spend a spring break morning. Tonight I am going on a picnic with my sis and a friend and will hopefully make some more photos tonight. Check this link out for a really nice photo essay with audio from Michael Blanchard. 


I’ll be photogging until later…..

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