sleepy head…

Today Mom and Amy and I drove my car up to Seven Springs to check out the campground and to just satisfy our curiosity in general. We girls have always been adeventursome and always like to explore new places. Since the gravel road wasn’t too bumpy, my “me sized” car did OK. When we got up there, it smelled really good, like trees and water and fall. It was quiet. We went down to a little section of the creek and saw deer and raccoon tracks. There was a big boulder in the middle of the stream with some smaller rocks up against it. The water flowed between and over the rocks and made a sound like a bathtub when it is emptying. We thought it was quite original. I hope that we can go camping up there with Kyle. I think that we are going to invite Ben Boyd too. He’s really quite nice and likes to carry on intelligent conversations, much like Kyle. I have often found myself chit-chatting with people who I do not know very well about the most shallow and unimportant things. I know that you have to do that sometimes, but I find it easier to actually talk and have a conversation with a few people who I know well. It is easier for me to keep track of less people and have more meaningful relationships, than to know a lot of people and talk about nothing, or only have a good talk with them once in a loooong while. I need to write to my best friend Rachel. I always neglect writing to her beacuse she is so far away and, I hate to admit it, but it’s the whole out of sight out of mind thing. I try to keep one of her letters hanging over my desk to remind me of her. Her birthday is this next month on the 19th…


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