Still thinking

I am still wanting to go to Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. I am looking for a job right now to save the money I will need to buy a medium format camera for my classes. I often feel bad about needing to depend on my parents for gas money, and don’t think I have a good enough plan (if I even have one at all) to save money. I don’t like being stressed out about how much is in my account. Amy says to just get a job. I am pursuing an opening at a jeweler, but the guy still needs a couple of weeks to figure out if and what he would need me for. Most people proabably think I am in over my head with all of the stuff I am doing right now, and also probably think that if I just quit some stuff, I would have more money to save. They are probably right. I am working on a logo for the Cave Creek Film and Arts Festival that, if I won, could bring me $500. I could pay for my dance choreography and show fee and maybe even have a little left over to put towards my costume. I am also going to enter the 28th Annual College Photographers Contest again this year. First prize is $1000. I have some great ideas that are just sitting in my head, waiting for a way to become reality. I came up with a really interesting idea for an engagement photo. I wish I could describe it, but it is so complex that only the photograph itself could show what my idea is. Oh, so many things, and just enough doubt.


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